The F Word | FOX

How do you differentiate a new Gordon Ramsay series from his slew of other shows while still meeting audience expectations? Not an easy task, but that was the challenge FOX assigned Future You Media when they asked us to create promo packaging for the inaugural season of The F Word.


We wanted to develop looks which would reflect the spontaneous nature of live TV while keeping the focus on the F in F Word. So we designed out style frames showing a variety of approaches.


FOX ultimately selected the below concept which featured food objects flying through the air in slow motion, colliding and exploding into a variety of configurations.


“FOX is a great collaborator in that they are very clear with what they want and what they know works, but they also give you the freedom to try new things. From the beginning, we'd discussed the possibility of shooting food live action. Once the flying food concept was selected we pushed enthusiastically for this and FOX was very supportive."

- Neil Berkeley, Creative Director


FOX came up with the idea of creating food groups based on Gordon's recipes. This served as a great source of inspiration for our production team. We used these recipes as a springboard for developing food imagery.



We shot the food groups on the Phantom Flex 4k at speeds ranging between 400-1000 fps. Shooting at such a high frame rate required production to utilize massive amounts of light in a large studio space. Capturing the micro details of every interaction was crucial to us.


One of the ideas we were very excited about was flipping the camera and shooting vertically. This framing allowed us to propel liquids upward through a hose and capture dramatic collisions with food.


We filmed items both individually and in groups. This gave us the freedom to mix and match foods and create unique compositions for each promo element.

"Working with the Future You Media team was a great creative partnership with our new live show The F Word hosted by Gordon Ramsay. From the outset, we felt that The F Word needed a visual identity that was a combination of design and photography - Future You Media expertly articulated both for our marketing needs. Future You Media’s enthusiasm for the project shaped the creative into an organic extension of the live and unexpected nature of the show. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final result."

- Ian MacRitchie, VP Broadcast Design, FOX Broadcasting Company