Scandal | ABC

ABC Studios approached Future You Media with the opportunity to take their current on-air promo packaging for the drama Scandal, and update it to add more weight and urgency. The challenge we confronted was how to take the iconography represented in previous packaging for the series and give it a more dynamic look and feel.

“Our solution was to take graphic elements such as shredded sheets of paper, ambient backgrounds, and redacted documents and shoot them as practical objects. We presented ABC with mood boards showing how this approach could add drama and urgency to the packaging.”

-Neil Berkeley, Creative Director

Mood Boards for Lighting and Tone


One of our key creative goals was to create an atmospheric environment for promo elements, which reflected the series’ suspenseful tone.


To achieve this, we employed a low key lighting approach which placed emphasis on specific areas of text while keeping other snippets muted in shadow. Hints of background lighting and lens flare were used to compliment this aesthetic and suggest an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue.


Future You Media shot a variety of insert elements which became part of the promo packaging. These included backgrounds, interstitials, transitions, and the promo open.

Animation & File Prep

BRKLY was also responsible for delivery of the final graphics package and toolkit currently used by ABC.