Movember | Esquire Network

The phone rings. The voice on the other end says, “Hey, this is Esquire Network. Would you be interested in spending a day filming promos about mustaches with Nick Offerman?”

The only rational response to such a question is an exuberant, unequivocal YES!!


Esquire asked us to film twelve scripts that would be used to version out forty different spots. The catch? We only had talent for eight hours. However, when you bring on the comedy geniuses The Dads to direct and Nick Offerman is your talent, exceeding expectations isn’t a problem.


The design of the set was the most important detail to nail down. Selecting the props that would adorn Nick's man cave proved to be a fun back and forth.

“We wanted to provide Nick a space that would fit the tone and vibe of teeing up world-class mustache cinema. We immediately opted for deep greens, brass, leather armchairs and old paintings to take it home.”
- Parker Seaman, Director


Knowing the pace of our schedule, our biggest concern was whether we could pull off the mustache drop as a practical device. The timing of each drop would need to be perfect. All our reservations subsided when Nick told us, “As a man of the theatre, I respect that you are doing this practically."


One of the ideas we pushed for was capturing a series of visual gags that could be cut into the spots as b-roll in order to break up dialogue. Our favorite bit...? Nick dunking his face into a barrel of whiskey and draining the liquid from his beard into a shot glass.

“When shooting talent talking straight into camera, we love to add a moving profile B-cam. We have fun tossing lines that talent can fire off into the lens. Nick knew exactly when to use this best.”
- Evan Scott, Director


Esquire tasked Future You Media with editing the first three spots to help set the tone and pacing for all promos. When Esquire gave us our choice of spots to edit, we knew exactly which mustache we wanted to comb.

"The team at Future You Media is an absolute joy to work with. We knew this project would play to their strengths, but their limitless excitement and dedication made it even better than we had hoped for. They absolutely slayed this for us, and we couldn’t be prouder."

- Todd Beauchamp, Associate Director Creative Marketing