Brother Vs. Brother | HGTV

After achieving the network’s greatest ratings success with Brother Vs. Brother Season One, the gauntlet had been thrown down. Executives made it very clear that the promos for Season Two had to be unlike anything HGTV had ever created. The mandate quickly became, “make these spots bigger, bolder and more badass!” Future You Media embraced this challenge and brought HGTV’s promo campaign to new heights, literally.

We recruited the stunt team known for its work on Marvel’s feature films and tasked them with developing a series of high flying stunts for HGTV’s number one talent: Jonathan and Drew Scott.


Having worked with the Brothers previously, we knew they were up for anything. This gave us a huge amount of freedom when it came to conceptualizing stunts. In fact, it was a bit like being a kid in a candy store, choosing from an endless array of options. From full on fight sequences to leaping off of thirty foot scaffolds, the Brothers would be portrayed as A-List action stars.


We knew it was important to give HGTV as much information as possible to guide their decision-making, so we tasked the stunt team with creating test edits which visualized how the stunts could be performed.


As excited as we were about the stunts, we wanted to make sure each action beat fed into a larger narrative that told the story of Brother Vs. Brother. Together, HGTV and Future You Media decided to frame the action as a friendly competition between the Brothers as they raced to grab one last tool to fill out the arsenal for their teams.


Production proved to be a massive operation with a 60-person crew filming for three consecutive days. We staged multiple sets inside a packing warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. During filming, we also assisted in the execution of photography for HGTV’s print campaign.

We wanted the final spots to feel as real as possible so having each of the Brothers perform even the most dangerous of stunts was vital to achieve our overall goal. Jonathan and Drew might have had a few scrapes at the end of the day, but they had a ball the entire shoot.


As a full service production and post production facility, Future You Media also created the initial :30 spot for the campaign. To make things simpler for the network’s in-house editorial team, Future You Media handled wire removal and built extended versions of each of the stunt sequences. This meant that HGTV could version out multiple edits using as much or as little of the stunts as they wanted. Since hundreds of spots were being delivered, this greatly assisted them in their workflow.


In order to satisfy the ever-growing need for networks to expand into the digital marketplace, we hire BTS videographers and photographers to document our promo shoots. In the case of Brother Vs. Brother, we cut together a behind the scenes video that gave fans of the series another avenue for connecting to HGTV and the Scott Brothers. We delivered all this additional content to HGTV, so they could use it as they saw fit on an ongoing basis.