Beat The Champions

When A. Smith and Co. called and asked if we could develop a GFX package for their new sports reality series, we were more than thrilled. Beat the Champions came with a unique challenge: design and animate for a show about athletic competitions without looking like a typical sports series.


A. Smith & Co. made it clear they didn’t want a standard shiny, 3D sports logo. They wanted us to look to European sports programming and create something that had a flat, 2D look. We started the process by sketching various lock ups.


Once we moved into the treatment phase, the look of the logo started to take on a more object-like shape with added depth and reflections. We didn’t want to take this too far so we worked closely with the show producers to hone in on ideas which were stylish as well as bold.


The logo that was approved had a nice blend of 2D and 3D treatments. It still contained the flatness we liked initially, but also included some of the shading that was developed later in the process. We were very excited when A. Smith & Co. chose a blue and orange color scheme because it was a bold choice that could have a dynamic impact on the rest of the GFX package.


With the final treatment approved, we turned attention to developing a graphic landscape which would support the logo as the hero. Our goal was to create a background which embraced a range of sports possibilities as opposed to being specific to one type of athlete. Again, we started with a simple, 2D palette and built the world out from there.


With production scheduled to commence, BRKLY faced an unexpected hurdle. The approved logo was too similar to that of another series. Instead of scrapping our initial concept, we worked with A. Smith & Co. to adapt another of our designs and bring it into the color space that everyone loved. This gave us an opportunity to explore different 3D treatments for the new logo.


Once the design of the logo resolve was finalized, we began animating. In order to provide A. Smith & Co. with a keen sense of where the resolve was headed, we began with simple wire frame animations.


As a last step, we moved forward with compositing the animation, adding color and texture. A. Smith & Co. came up with the idea of incorporating show footage into the background, which we absolutely loved. The footage also allowed the logo resolve to have an evergreen effect as a final toolkit was delivered to producers with an alpha channel so editors could tweak the images for future episodes.


We provided A. Smith & Co. with collected project files for every element, including lower 3rds, transitions, backgrounds and mortises. BRKLY’s logo was used by A. Smith & Co. to brand the series within the show’s competitions and on digital platforms.